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MyPetrolPump, fuel home delivery service:

A consumer brand of ANB Fuels Private Limited named Mypetrolpump has started delivering fuel to customers’ doorsteps.A free smartphone app will soon be introduced on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.Bengaluru’s Mypetrolpump, a one-year-old startup by an IIT-Dhanbad alumnus Ashish Kumar Gupta, has become country’s first firm to deliver diesel at the doorsteps, reported the Times of India.


Now, in Grater Hyderabad, you can buy fuel online and get home delivery from MyPetrolPump.com

The Greater Hyderabad is usually one of the very busiest in all over India.Here are many homely products and shopping related products and also food products can buy in online.The latest is the home delivery of fuel ordered online from MyPetrolPump.com.
Mypetrolpump, a one-year-old startup, conducted a soft launch with three delivery vehicles in Bangalore-each with a capacity of 950 liters. Diesel is delivered at the day’s running price with a fixed delivery charge and also petrol charge is the fixed, For up to 100 liters, the one-time delivery charge is Rs.99. Above 100 liters, one needs to pay the diesel price plus one additional rupee per liter(each liter 1 rupee for delivery).


Many people face some problems during journey while going to school or going to the office like that. At that time they are very tensed thinking to go to the destinations within time. If Petrol or Diesel is not there in the vehicles, then they should rush to the fuel stations.

People get tired of last minute rushes to the fuel stations. Are you tired? Is your anger by long winding queues at the petrol bunk? Are you stuck with an empty tank after you forget to refuel the night before?


Know how it works:

MyPetrolPump is nothing like another platform for shopping and etc. In the selected areas it promises to deliver fuel to its fleet of specialized mini Refuellers. With limited space or difficult terrains within a short span of time, these vehicles can access areas.
Orders are placed by visiting the website of the firm or by placing a call on 7880504050 for all customers. There is also an option that when the client places an order, he can choose the time of the delivery.
When MyPetrolPump delivers the diesel and charges Rs 99 per liter for the delivery up to 100 liters.

The fuel directly gets from authorized dealers of leading oil companies near the locations entered by the customers, MyPetrolPump stated. Only after receiving the booking from customers the fuel is sourced, and hence the fuel adulteration is out of the question.


Advantages of mypetrolpump:

  1. Save your Time.
  2. Save your energy
  3. 24/7 Availability
  4. Hate Waiting in Lines Too Ashamed
  5. Easy to SearchMerchandise You Want to Buy.

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